What Does a Professional Property Management Company in San Jose Do for Me?

There is a misconception that all a Bay area property management company really does is collect the rent and maybe take phone calls to handle maintenance requests. A good property management company does a lot more than that. Today, we are highlighting a few of those services that your property manager should be doing.

Rent Collection and Financial Management

In addition to collecting rent, your property manager should keep accurate books and records for all the financial transactions associated with the property. Your property manager must also keep you informed with monthly financial reports.

Handling Maintenance

Property managers will be available 24/7 to take care of any maintenance or repair issues. To provide outstanding property management in the Bay area, a company also needs a network of vendors to call upon to handle maintenance requests in timely manner and at a reasonable price.

Tenant Relations

Good property management companies will keep an open line of communication with their tenants and speak to them once in a while. There will be repair requests and times when there’s a dispute with a neighbor that needs to be handled. The property manager is there to make sure the unit being leased is meeting the tenant’s expectations.


Providing good property management in San Jose means having a protocol for the tenant lifecycle. That lifecycle starts with the vacancy. A marketing plan should be in place to attract potential tenants. There should be a process for qualifying prospective tenants to ensure rent is paid and the lease will be followed.

Regular On-Site Inspections

It’s important for the property manager to go to your property and make sure everything is okay. This is an opportunity to look for potential maintenance issues, and to make sure tenants are doing what they should be doing. You’ll be able to keep your problems small when your property manager is performing regular inspections.

This list is a good overview of what your property management company should be doing. If they are doing these things, you’ll have a better maintained property with happy tenants, and increased property values for you. Most of all, you’ll get peace of mind that everything is running smoothly at your rental property.

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