Are Real Estate Connections Beneficial To New Real Estate Investors in San Jose?

At Pacific Gateway Properties, we have a team of individuals we rely on to give our clients the best chance of investment success. Over a series of the next few blog posts, we’ll be talking about them and to them. Through interviews and introductions, you’ll see why we think they are so important for our clients and for you, if you’re thinking about investing in San Jose.

Real Estate Broker

Having a real estate broker or a Realtor is important and a great resource to draw upon. Investors need to understand the real estate market. A good broker can help talk you through where to buy and sell and the general trends when you buy and hold.

Mortgage Lenders

Lenders are important as well. As an investor, you need to understand interest rates. If you’re looking for a new investment, you’ll need to know how much lending capacity is available, what the terms and conditions might be, and how to qualify for a loan.


A great CPA can help with the tax implications of your real estate investments. If you’re getting into a real estate investment, you have to know what those implications may be. If you’re selling your investment, you also want to know what your taxes may be.

Legal Professionals

Finally, you need access to a real estate attorney and an asset protection attorney. If you’re buying a real estate investment, it might be a good idea to form an entity like an LLC or a corporation. You’ll also need legal advice for evictions, leases, purchases, sales contracts, and all these things that require an attorney you can rely upon and trust.  

So, we look forward to talking more with our partners about their role in the real estate investment process. You’ll see how they can help when you buy, hold, and sell. These individuals can make your investments more successful and help you mitigate your risks.

If you have any questions about San Jose property management or bay area investing, please contact us at Pacific Gateway Properties.