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Our full spectrum approach combines property management service with asset management into one comprehensive program.

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Rent collection. Maintenance. Legal compliance. ROI. Strategy. Long Range Planning.

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How We Work

We care. Policies and procedures are in place to ensure our actions back up this promise.

  1. Tenant Relations & Tenant Retention:

    • Regular site visits with planned and impromptu meetings with tenants to get feedback and ensure there hasn’t been any unreported maintenance or other issues needing to be addressed.

    • Goal to respond to all tenant inquiries within 24 hours. Our policy is to at the very least acknowledge receipt of communication and update on when issue or question can be addressed.

    • Regular updates – give tenant updates on maintenance request schedule, and update of any changes as needed.

    • Treat each tenant with respect. We follow a policy of trust but verify. We are always following up to ensure issue was resolved, and no loose ends remain either by the tenant or our team.

  2. Repairs and Maintenance:

    • Property Inspections – One of the primary reasons we inspect your property to identify potential maintenance needed. Preventative maintenance is key to effective property management because we can address issues before they become bigger problems. We conduct interior inspections of the unit are completed for three main reasons: 1) We want to note the condition of the unit, and make sure your tenants are treating it right; 2) we want to ensure the smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors are working properly; 3) note any maintenance that needs to be done that has gone unreported by the tenants.

    • Handle Tenant Maintenance request as needed. Tenants have to ability to reach us 24/7. We have many relationships with plumbers, electricians, and handymen to address any problem that arises including after-hours emergencies.

    • After the property inspection is completed we share this inspection with you via your owner portal. Every owner has a login/password which they can access the inspections and our monthly reports or other documents. This inspection report will include pictures of the property and/or unit and comments of what we observed.

  3. Collection of Rents:

    • Our collection policy is systemic and procedural: Rent is due on the first and considered late if received after the 5th day of the month. We assess late charges and send a notice to any tenant who is late. If payment has not been made by the 15th, we serve a 3-day notice.

    • Our system allows tenants to pay online and setup auto pay to make it as convenient as possible for rent to be paid timely.

  4. Accounting:

    • Information that is up to date and accurate, backed up with supporting documentation. We have stringent internal controls to ensure this is financial information you can rely on. Specific tasks include:

      • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payables

      • Monthly Cash Flow and Income Statements

      • Creation and Tracking of Property Balance Sheet

      • Annual revenue and expense budgeting

      • Annual CAM Reconciliations

      • Capital Budgeting & Reserve Account Oversight

  5. Books and Records:

    • All financial reports are easily accessible from your owner portal. We will also upload owner statement which gives further details of each transaction. If you prefer we can also include copies of invoices for expenses.

    • We also keep record of tenant correspondence and if preferred, can upload important documentation to the owner portal such as a rent increase letter, or tenant move out notice to keep you informed.

    • We also keep records of rent received, invoices, paid, and any other important documents in connection with your property, and is available at your request.

  6. Compliance with Legal Requirements:

    • We will provide the tenant the necessary disclosures at the time lease is signed such ADA disclosures, and common area/house rules, etc.

    • If building is sprinklered, getting annual fire inspections and monitoring systems is working properly.

    • Continuing education on the latest new laws and disclosures required for your property and tenants.

  7. Leasing Services:

    • Review our leasing services here.


Asset Management

Strategy – That’s probably one word you won’t hear from a typical property manager but for an asset manager devising a STRATEGY is our number one goal.

If you’re looking to raise the bar and achieve your property’s potential, we can help. Not only are we on the ground to handle day to day tasks. We take a birds eye view of your property to plan for the future.

Pacific Gateway Properties

More than Property Managers or Asset Managers. We are both.

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