A good property manager will maintain the status quo, manage the upkeep, and maintain the condition of your property.   

Team PGP believes in going the EXTRA MILE. Rather than simply being a good property manager, we consider our role as an ASSET Manager.  For us, an Asset Manager raises the bar and is always seeking ways to improve the value of your property rather than simply maintaining the status quo. 

We are Team PGP.

How We Work

Communication with our clients is a top priority.  Our policy is to return all tenant and client inquiries within 24-hours.  


Team PGP creates a customized property management service to fit your property.  We understand that no two properties are alike, and we have to address what needs to be done and not just what we want to do.   On-demand, customized service is the norm these days, and we’ve developed an efficient and flexible system to meet these expectations.


We believe in a pro-active approach, that will reduce operating costs and address issues before they become problems.  Our company implements preventative maintenance programs to identify potential problems with the goal of our tenant’s occupancy remains undisturbed.  In addition, we keep an open dialogue with our tenants and stay abreast of any questions or comments they may have about the property.