Consulting for Property Acquisition

Would you like to build equity?

Would you like a fixed cost and eliminate rent increases? 

Would you like to eliminate the uncertainty at lease renewal which might force you to move?

Are you tired of your co-tenants?


Many businesses have learned that real estate is an investment that pays over time.  Whether your business is expanding, or you’re in search of a new strategic location, our firm can assist you in finding the right space for your business needs.  We have the experience and expertise to help our client determine whether it’s advantageous to buy or rent, and differentiate among the different market areas to uncover potential value for your business. 


At Pacific Gateway Properties we can offer value to our clients by providing comprehensive analyses so the client can make an informed decision given their current business capabilities and goals.


Our “Buy or Rent” analysis will include a financial model that will contain clearly defined input assumptions, and give our client additional insights into their decision.   We’ll be able to search for prospective properties using our personal network and other listing services to target a building or space that meets your specific needs.  Once a building has been identified we can begin our assessment and determine whether to submit an offer.


If the client needs lending assistance we can also build input assumptions into our model which will compare the lending options of a SBA loan versus a conventional loan.  We have many relationships with banks and other lenders to find the best fit for your business.


Our firm understands that a decision like this is extremely important and the depth of the analysis needs to be better than a typical “back of the envelope” approach. 


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