Property Management

Would you like more freedom and time to do the things that are most important to you?

Tired of answering maintenance requests?

Problems collecting the rent?

Can you keep up with all the legal requirements and tenant disclosures?

Would like to boost your occupancy numbers and increase your Income? 

At Pacific Gateway Properties our MISSION is to protect and maintain your property so that it can realize its full potential and our clients have the time to realize their full potential.  We take a pro-active approach to management, and address issues before they become problems.  We keep an open dialogue with our tenants and stay abreast of any questions or comments they may have about the property, and we ALWAYS keep our clients informed of any developments.   We have a systematic management system that ensures effective, consistent results. 

To that end, we have implemented 5 Management Guarantees that ensures your property is well maintained, improves cash flow, and most importantly gives you peace of mind.  Experience has taught us that a property owner's greatest dis-satisfaction with property management companies is that they are inattentive with their property and overall did not meet their expectations.  With these 5 guarantees that ensures this will never happen when we manage your investment property.


#1 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We want to make sure that our client is completely satisfied with ourproperty management services, so if for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, you may simply give us a 60-day notice to cancel with no further obligations.  You are free to move in another direction.

 #2 FEE GUARANTEE – It is our duty to collect the rent each month and if we don’t for whatever reason, then we do not collect a fee applicable to that tenant.  We don't get paid unless you get paid.

 #3 RESPONSE GUARANTEE – We feel that an open line of communication is paramount to effective property management and we must respond in a timely manner to all tenant and client questions or concerns.  We feel so strongly about this that we guarantee to respond within 24-HOURS to all tenant and client communications or we waive that month’s management fee. 

 #4 TRANSPARENCY GUARANTEE – Our clients need to trust us and to establish that trust we guarantee the transparency of all the books and records for their property.  Each client will be able to see where every penny came into and out of their property account, and we will provide monthly reports to back that up.  In addition, our property management contracts will clearly state all fees charged for the management of your property.   THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES.  

 #5 VALUE GUARANTEE – At Pacific Gateway Properties we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service at the best price possible.  However, if you find a firm willing to offer the same level of service in writing for a lower fee, we will match it. 

Pacific Gateway Properties offers professional, personalized service to ensure we achieve our client's investment goals.   Our firm provides the following services for your property's operation:

  • Tenant Relations
  • Monthly Accounting Reports & Annual Tax Documentation
  • Rent and triple net collections
  • Regular onsite inspections
  • Repair Services including after hours
  • Construction management for capital improvements, renovations or tenant improvements.
  • Regular review of Market Trends, Leasing & Market Valuations
  • Sales & Leasing
  • Relationships with Local Vendors and provide oversight and supervision of regular maintenance.
  • Assist clients with financing or refinancing
  • Compliance with legal requirements including landlord-tenant laws

Pacific Gateway Properties utilizes the best software and services available in order to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information to clients.

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What Are the Benefits of Working with Pacific Gateway Properties

Buying versus Renting Property

Would you like to build equity?

Would you like a fixed cost and eliminate rent increases? 

Would you like to eliminate the uncertainty at lease renewal which might force you to move?

Do you need to expand your business?

Do you want control over needed property improvements?

Are you tired of your co-tenants?

Many businesses have learned that real estate is an investment that pays over time.  Whether your business is expanding, or you’re in search of a new strategic location our firm can assist you in finding the right space for your business needs.  We have the experience and expertise to help our client determine whether it’s advantageous to buy or rent, and differentiate between different market areas to uncover potential value for your business. 

At Pacific Gateway Properties we can offer value to our clients by providing various information and analyses so the client can make an informed decision given their current business capabilities and goals.

Our “Buy or Rent” analysis will include a financial model that will contain clearly defined input assumptions, and give our client additional insights into their decision.   We’ll be able to search for prospective properties using our personal network and other listing services to target a building or space that meets your specific needs.  Once a building has been identified we can begin our assessment and determine whether to submit an offer.

If the client needs lending assistance we can also build input assumptions into our model which will compare the lending options of a SBA loan versus a conventional loan.  We have many relationships with banks and other lenders to find the best fit for your business.

Our firm understands that a decision like this is extremely important and the depth of the analysis needs to be better than a typical “back of the envelope” approach. 

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Investment Sales

Many brokers boast about the number of deals they have completed.  Our firm believes it’s not the number of deals that are important but the VALUE you added to each deal completed.  We GUARANTEE that each deal is given the attention it deserves, and explore the various ways we could add value to the property BEFORE we market and sell it. 

Please look over our case studies which highlight our sales philosophy.  We have added tremendous value for our clients BEFORE we commenced with the sales process.

We take the following steps to market and sell your property:

  1. Conduct a financial analysis of the property, and a market analysis to determine general market trends.  Our goal is to create an opinion of value that positions the property appropriately.

  2. Create a marketing package that will highlight the attractive features of the property, summarize the financial information, and provide general information such as site plan and synopsis of the surrounding area.

  3. Marketing of the property could include some or all of the following depending on the strategy: (a) research recent sellers who might be looking for a 1031 exchange property.  We uncover these leads utilizing our database or thru relationships with title companies (b) direct marketing to our personal network and direct mailers/emails to area brokerage companies. (c) utilize internet listing services such as loopnet and costar to advertise the property. (d) installation of “for sale” signage at the property.  

  4. Keep client apprised of general sales interest and any significant changes which could affect the current sales strategy.

  5. Negotiate terms and assist client/legal counsel with drafting of Purchase & Sales Agreement.

  6. Assist client with the execution of the terms of the contract, including the coordination of Buyer’s due diligence, such as access to property, ensuring delivery of any and all pertinent documentation related to the property and execution of tenant estoppels.


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Leasing Information

Do you have a number of vacancies that have been sitting for months?

Unsure whether you’re pricing your vacancies properly?

Looking for ideas for potential tenants that create a more dynamic shopping center?

Pacific Gateway Properties can help in a number of ways to lease your property.  Increasing your occupancy and improving your tenant quality can lead to increased cash flow and higher property values.  Our firm prides itself on leasing hard to rent spaces, and assisting absentee owners find the right tenants.

Our company believes the following steps are critical to creating a successful leasing strategy for your property.  We have a systematic approach that produces consistent, successful results:

  1. Assess the overall tenant mix to determine prospective tenant uses that will create synergy with the existing tenants.
  2. Conduct a market analysis to determine market rent, and general market trends that position the vacancy appropriately.
  3. Identify and highlight the attractive features of the property and vacancy, which might include the exposure, traffic volume by the property, or existing improvements of the vacancy. 
  4. Marketing of the vacancy will include: (a) installation of leasing signage at the property (b) contact national and regional tenants where appropriate (c) direct mailers and emails to those prospective tenants that fit within the overall tenant mix, and to area retail brokerage companies (d) attend regional International Council of Shopping Centers idea exchanges to promote the listing.
  5. Keep client apprised of general tenant interest and any significant changes which could affect the current leasing strategy.
  6. Negotiate lease terms and prepare Lease documents.
  7.  Assist client with tenant move in, which could include permits for tenant/landlord improvements, coordination of landlord improvements prior to tenant move-in, and coordination with the existing tenants to minimize impacts from tenant/landlord construction.

For more information about San Jose Property Management, please visit our educational blog.

Tenant Representation

  1. Assess the tenant’s business needs including space size, property accessibility and parking.  Establish economic factors such as the rent, lease term, options and other major lease parameters.

  2. Identify target market areas for business location based on demographics and other factors favorable to business.  Establish timeline/deadline for finding a location.

  3. Market analysis of those identified areas to establish market rents.  Compare tenant’s rent parameters to market analysis and identify areas with the best value for client.

  4. Conduct comprehensive search within those identified areas to uncover candidate locations.

  5.  Tour prospective properties with client, and finalize list of potential locations.

  6. Negotiate lease terms on candidate locations.

  7. Assist client/legal counsel with drafting of Lease Agreement.

  8. Assist client with move in, which could include permits for tenant improvements, and coordination of landlord improvements prior to client move-in.

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