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New tenant: Dunkin Donuts at 4375 Clayton Road.

New tenant: Dunkin Donuts at 4375 Clayton Road.

4375 Clayton Road Redevelopment 

Realized an opportunity to convert former Hollywood Video pad building into a drive thru, and sub-divide building. Steps to completion:

  • Gain approval of drive thru. Coordinate with Architect and Civil Engineer on site design.

  • Gain approval for building remodel. Work with Architect and planning department on re-design.

  • Gain approval from Lender for Construction Loan & Manage draw requests.

  • Coordination with Contractor, Architect and Civil Engineer on construction through completion to ensure timely completion.


  • Presence of new anchor tenant Dunkin Donuts. This increased traffic into shopping center and increased attractiveness of retail center.

  • With drive thru, we activated the rear, unexposed part of the shopping center. See site plan.

  • Raise profile of shopping center with remodel, which improved tenant quality.

  • Increased Cash Flow & Valuation.

Before remodel

Before remodel

Sales & Marketing of Two Apartment Buildings Totaling 32 units

  • Advised client to complete certain deferred maintenance & remodel units as they became vacant to improve valuation.

  • Time was on our side to do various improvements given positive market conditions and momentum of economy.

  • Worked with client for approximately 15 months remodeling units, raising below-market rents and completing deferred maintenance.

  • With a combination of improvements noted above and continued market conditions, valuation increased by approximately 55%.


  • Increased cash flow

  • Higher valuation

  • Stronger tenant profile

After remodel photos — click to view large.

Reduce Operating Expenses

In two separate incidents with two different cities, we successfully appealed the municipality’s attempt to raise water rates.

  • Researched ordinance to verify City’s notice to raise rates is justified – we do not assume.

  • Conclude City’s right is inconclusive.

  • Appeal decision and present evidence.

  • In one case, overturned City’s attempt and increase did not go through. The other case, we successfully negotiated a 50% reduction in the expected increase.

Switched parking lot and exterior lighting to LED.

  • Reduce electric lighting expenses by 40%.

  • This leads to reduced NNN charges to tenants.

  • Competitive advantage versus other retail centers when a tenant compares their all-in cost to rent a space.

Construction Project Management

Before remodel.

Before remodel.

Remodel Retail Center taking advantage of City’s Façade Improvement Program.

  • Gain approval for building remodel. Work with Architect and City’s Planning and Economic Development Departments for approval.

  • Coordination with Contractor and Architect on construction progress and ensure timely completion.


  • Significant Reduction in cost of construction. Received matching funds from City for Remodel thru façade improvement program.

  • Addressed several areas in need of repair.

  • Raised profile and attractiveness of shopping center.

  • Improved tenant retention, tenant recruitment, and tenant quality – currently fully occupied.

  • This lead to increased Cash Flow & Valuation.

After remodel photos – click to view large.