Commercial Tenant Resources

Leasing Information for Commercial Properties


If you are interested in leasing space, the process begins with our lease application process, which is summarized below.  To start please download the lease application here. Along with the lease application we will need the tenant to include the following items:


  1. Lease Application Fee of $35.00; please make checks out to Pacific Gateway Properties

  2. Your past two years of your personal and business tax returns.

  3. Personal Financial Statement, Please download the form by clicking here.

  4. Business Plan for new business applicants


The application will give us the authorization to run a credit check.  We will review the financial and business information to qualify your application.  We may follow up with additional questions or request additional information.


Upon approval of the lease application the leasing agent will contact the tenant and begin discussing the main points of the lease agreement including the rent, lease term, proposed improvements to the premises, and lease commencement. Once these main points have been established we will prepare a draft lease for the tenant and the tenant's attorney to review.


The leasing process is completed once the Landlord and tenant agree to the lease agreement and have signed the document.  Some remaining steps may require the landlord to complete any work in the premises prior to turning over the space.  Once the landlord has verified that the tenant has liability insurance in place covering the premises and the Landlord, and the utilities have been transferred into the tenant's name, the space will be turned over to the tenant.


If you have any questions please contact us by email at or you may call us directly at (408)-278-7700.


To submit your lease application please email the application to: or by fax at (408)-278-7704.  Alternatively, you may mail this information to our office at the address below.  Please reference the address of the property for all lease applications.

Pacific Gateway Properties
c/o Kevin Sakimoto
158 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112