Are Real Estate Connections Beneficial To New Real Estate Investors in San Jose?

At Pacific Gateway Properties, we have a team of individuals we rely on to give our clients the best chance of investment success. Over a series of the next few blog posts, we’ll be talking about them and to them. Through interviews and introductions, you’ll see why we think they are so important for our clients and for you, if you’re thinking about investing in San Jose.

What Are Property Management Fees in San Jose? | Property Management Education

Fees for property management in the Bay area are not set or standard. Each firm will charge a fee that they deem reasonable for their services. The best advice I can give you is to compare several firms and find out what they charge.

What Does a Professional Property Management Company in San Jose Do for Me?

There is a misconception that all a Bay area property management company really does is collect the rent and maybe take phone calls to handle maintenance requests. A good property management company does a lot more than that. Today, we are highlighting a few of those services that your property manager should be doing.

What Are the Benefits of Working with Pacific Gateway Properties in San Jose, CA?

At Pacific Gateway Properties, we are a full service real estate company offering San Jose property management, sales, and leasing. Today we’re discussing the benefits of hiring our firm to manage your property. When we take over a client’s property, our goal is to protect and maintain that property so the owner can realize its maximum potential. To that end, we offer each of our clients...