Leasing Information for Landlords

Do you have a number of vacancies that have been sitting for months?  

Unsure whether you’re pricing your vacancies properly?

Looking for tenants that create a more dynamic shopping center?

Pacific Gateway Properties can help in a number of ways to lease your property.  Increasing your occupancy and improving your tenant quality can lead to increased cash flow and higher property values.  Our firm prides itself on leasing hard to rent spaces, and assisting absentee owners find the right tenants.


Our company believes the following steps are critical to creating a successful leasing strategy for your property.  We have a systematic approach that produces consistent, successful results:

    1. Assess the overall tenant mix to determine prospective tenant uses that will create synergy with the existing tenants.

    2. Conduct a market analysis to determine market rent, and general market trends that position the vacancy appropriately.

    3. Identify and highlight the attractive features of the property and vacancy, which might include the exposure, traffic volume by the property, or existing improvements of the vacancy.

    4. Marketing of the vacancy will include: (a) installation of leasing signage at the property (b) contact national and regional tenants where appropriate (c) direct mailers and emails to those prospective tenants that fit within the overall tenant mix, and to area retail brokerage companies (d) attend regional International Council of Shopping Centers idea exchanges to promote the listing.

    5. Keep client apprised of general tenant interest and any significant changes which could affect the current leasing strategy.

    6. Negotiate lease terms and prepare lease documents.

    7. Assist client with tenant move in, which could include permits for tenant/landlord improvements, coordination of landlord improvements prior to tenant move-in, and coordination with the existing tenants to minimize impacts from tenant/landlord construction.

Leasing Information for Tenants

We assist business owners find that new location for expansion, or to strategically re-locate their business.  We will add value by using our network and search tools to find that hard to find location, identify areas of potential value, and negotiate the best terms possible.  This allows you to continue working on your business, and avoid the steep learning curve of commercial leasing. 


Specifically, our services include:

  1. Assess the tenant’s business needs including space size, property accessibility and parking.  Establish economic factors such as the rent, lease term, options and other major lease parameters.

  2. Identify target market areas for business location based on demographics and other factors favorable to business.  Establish timeline/deadline for finding a location.

  3. Conduct market analysis for identified target areas to establish market rents.  Compare tenant’s rent parameters to market analysis and identify areas with the best value for client.

  4. Conduct comprehensive search within those identified areas to uncover candidate locations.

  5. Tour prospective properties with client, and finalize list of potential locations.

  6. Negotiate lease terms on candidate locations.

  7. Assist client/legal counsel with drafting of Lease Agreement.

  8. Assist client with move in, which could include permits for tenant improvements, and coordination of landlord improvements prior to client move-in.


For more information about our leasing services, please contact us.